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An Enchanted Evening at the Cro’Hurst Mansion

Sunday, September 9, 2012 ... 5 pm – 8 pm


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venin    A wonderful out-door evening of live music, delicious finger foods, scrumptious desserts, brewed iced tea & water.

Bever   [wine & beer will be available for purchase]


               Number of Guests:                                     X   $30.00                           TOTAL:    


Please park in the in the Village Hall parking lot (by the Bank) in Elkhart.

Beginning at 4:30 pm guests will be transported to the Mansion.


  A portion of the  cost of this event is a donation to the Elkhart Historical Society,

  This will help them to continue to offer events for the education and enjoyment of the community.

  Reservations are limited so please call 217-947-2238 for Reservations, changes or cancellations. “When you are confirmed,    go to the Elkhart Historical Society website and download the  form, complete and  mail it in with your check, payable to EHS at the address noted above.  Or, you may pick up a reservation form and submit with your remittance at Horsefeathers in Elkhart.”

“Reservations will be held ONLY UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT “

For further information contact:

Email address:  info@elkharthistoricalsociety.org