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  18 Oct., 2014 Courier: Viper Mine debate rages on in Logan County - "not just an Elkhart problem"
13 Oct., 2014 LDN:
Potential new fly ash disposal near Elkhart draws strong opposition
10 Oct., 2014 New Herald News: Zoning Board fails to recommend approval of Arch Coal application
6 Oct., 2014 LDN:
Elkhart residents ask mine representatives about safety measurements & reason for new fly-ash location ... worried about coal slurry effects in ground water & runoff into crop fields
4 Oct., 2014 Feds override North Carolina on draining coal ash dumps ... "Thankfully, EPA has stopped (the state) from disregarding its own permits and from failing to protect North Carolina's rivers and clean water," Holleman said. "This shows once again that North Carolina's citizens cannot count on DENR to protect our communities and clean water."
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/04/illinois-coal-ash_n_5090736.html4 April, 2014  | By TAMMY WEBBER

Illinois Coal Ash Ponds To Come Under Increased Scrutiny After Spills Foul Other States

Fly Ash Operation <-- click here for photos & information


27 Oct., 2014 LDN:  Village of Elkhart cuts the ribbon on a new Route 66/Shirley Temple attraction

27 Oct., 2014 LDN:  Shirley Temple of York Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony


      In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincolnís
 assassination and the reenactment of the funeral procession in 2015, the Elkhart
Historical Society is pleased to announce this 2nd special event:

November 1, 2014 - The Ultimate Betrayal; The Insanity Trial of Mary Lincoln

<click here for information & performance/dinner reservations>

14 Oct., 2014 NewHeraldNews: The Ultimate Betrayal;
The Insanity Trial of Mary Lincoln - November 1, 2014



Saturday December 6, 2014

Elkhart Oglesby Cemetery


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Midwest Living Review

by Karen Sorensen

Thanks to a geographic anomaly created during the Ice Age, Elkhart Hill becomes a stunning sea of bluebells every spring that visitors can tour on just two or three Saturdays in April

AND - dine at WildhareCafe




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