The Elkhart Historical society needs your help! We are in search of ANY good pictures of past Historical society events taken in the last 34 years. These can include Wildflower Walks, Bird Walks, Dinner Lectures, Halloween, Chautauqua, festivals, homecoming hayrack rides, historical tours.


You can email Elkhart.hist.soc@gmail.com or bring in person to The Country Bumpkin located at 103 Governor Oglesby St Elkhart IL 62634, Wed-Sat 10a-3p and Sun 11-3 where they will be scanned and returned immediately. Questions ... you can call The Country Bumpkin at 217-947-2200 or email the above address.



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Elkhart park dedicated to honor Nancy Jane Ingram Moore 
2020 Elkhart Historical Society Calendar              This year is our 30th issue, and we have chosen to feature the incredible photography of  Elkhart resident, Joshua Rhoades.   Rhoades, a geologist by day, spends much of his personal time photographing the  beauty of Elkhart and the heavens above.  The 2020 calendar has a collection of his work showing his passion for both ‘astro’ and landscape photography capturing familiar scenes in and around Elkhart as well as the beauty of our galaxy.

This calendar is available at the Country Bumpkin or at Horsefeathers, in Elkhart, Illinois.  If you have already renewed your membership, you may stop by and pick up your copy, and if you haven’t renewed, or were considering becoming a member, you may also do that at either of the above, for $20 for families, or $15 for Senior Citizen families.  With your membership you receive a free calendar.  Or for just a calendar $17 which includes a free membership,  postage and handling  check made payable to the Elkhart Historical Society  PO Box 255 Elkhart IL   62634
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John D. Gillett, whom the London Gazette dubbed “The Cattle King of the World”.
Gillett and his grandson Hiram Keays won numerous awards at the Chicago livestock
show. For many years in the late 1800's the town of Elkhart was one of the largest
shipping points on the C&A (Chicago & Alton) Railroad, due to the large stock
raising farms of John Dean Gillett. Noted for importing Durham cattle from Scotland
 and developing the Shorthorn cattle breed, Gillett shipped over 2,000 head of cattle
 and 1,000 head of hogs to Europe annually.

D. Leigh Henson introduces new works
focused on the Gilletts of Elkhart
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Renovation of Veteran Park

Donations to the “Veterans’ Park Fund”
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Elkhart Historical Society


Elkhart Historical Society State of the Society 2021


As the last bits of summer fade, and the sweatshirts and long pants reappear in the seasonal clothing cycle, the realization that the holidays are coming hit some of us like a crashing cymbal.  Yikes- - so soon- - too soon- - whoosh and its over- - - What just happened?  You are just in time to plan on this being a wonderful Holiday, and what better way than to kick it off with the Christmas Candlelight Service at the Chapel on Elkhart Hill December 4, 2021.   Last year we were unable to have it due to the pandemic, but this year plans are to have our traditional services are being prepared, and of course we will follow the guidelines. The one big change is that we will not be packaging any optional dinners, so we advise that you make these plans once you have picked the service you prefer. The mail in form for the chapel services is included, and additional ones can be downloaded from our website.    www.elkharthistoricalsociety.org

We look forward to seeing you at the Candlelight Services on Saturday December 4, 2021. The times will be 2p, 4p, 5:30p and 8p.  To Make Reservations call 217 947 2238- - the reservation line– STARTING - - Thursday, November 4th between 8a and 7p.  Be sure to leave your name (please spell) the number in your party, your phone number, and the service you wish to attend.

These reservations will be honored in the order received, so please leave the information so you save your place in line.  We will call you back to confirm your seats, and then you should promptly mail your check to the Elkhart Historical Society PO Box 255 Elkhart, IL 62634



It is also time to renew memberships for 2022, and by doing so your financial support helps us to continue the excellent programs we have always offered.  This year the senior level dues for individual or family is $20, and regular individual or family membership is $25. 

Although the pandemic was still causing concern, we successfully celebrated the Irish in March, and by April had the best series of wildflower and bird walks ever.  Unfortunately, the rest of the programs scheduled were postponed due to new outbreaks of COVID.  We are hoping that the 2022 year is free of the disease which has held the world hostage for the past two years. 

As we close, we would like you to remember our beloved President Ann Anderson who passed from this life on October 12, 2021, following a long siege with cancer.  Annie won!!

The Elkhart Historical Society Board wishes you a joyous, happy, and healthy Christmas and peaceful and productive New Year. We are excited about the possibilities for 2022 and hope that you are as well- - Blessings!!. 


Bob Albert                   Bev Albert               Gillette Ransom

Ken Lazar                Jamie Hobson               
 Court Conn             Karen Conn

To reserve space for a dinner lecture or walk for a group of six or more, you may call 217.947.2238 prior to the reservation date noted on the web site.

 Payment will be accepted early for groups of 6+.  Upon confirmation of the reservation, payment must be received by EHS

within SEVEN DAYS or the reservation confirmation date or the tickets will be released.


    Web Site:             http://www.elkharthistoricalsociety.org

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Village of Elkhart:   https://www.elkhartillinois.com

NEW Exploring Tourism in Logan County Web site: www.explorelogancounty.com

  [note:  the autumn photo of the Elkhart Gillett-Cemetery Bridge was submitted by Elkhart photographer, Joshua Rhoades]

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