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31 Mar., 2015 Lincoln Daily News:  Elkhart Celebrates Irish Heritage Days

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The next dinner talk will be on April 18th at the Wildhare Cafe, presented by Lincoln College's Dr. Dennis Campbell:  "The Life and Times of Logan County Mammals" — during the county's three time periods:  pre-historic, mid-1800's and the present.

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The Elkhart Historical Society is “Going Wild” in April.  Each Saturday in April (and including May 2) by reservation, guided wild flower nature walks will be offered that share the beauty and variety of the ephemeral spring wild flowers on Elkhart Hill. The guides for the flower walks are Gillette Ransom and Susan Jeffers,  a team that has done a lot of research not only on the flowers but much of the folklore and medicinal uses in the past.  The finale on May 2, includes an 6:00 am or 4:00 pm bird walk, with Ornithologist Rhetta Jack, Lara Borgerson, and Joe Funk all superior birders with fascinating knowledge of the birds not only of Elkhart Hill but in many places around the world.  Come sharpen your skills or learn for the first time.  A walk will be given at 10am which will combine  birds, wildflowers and lunch, at the Wildhare Cafe. 

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24 Mar., 2015 Lincoln Daily News: Elkhart Historical Society acknowledges the Irish with presentation by Paul Beaver

Dr. Dennis Campbell, Lincoln College
Professor Environmental Biology -
Professor at Lincoln College for twenty-two years teaching courses in both life and earth sciences, holds bachelor and master degrees from Texas Tech University and a doctorate in zoology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. 
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Midwest Living Review

by Karen Sorensen

Thanks to a geographic anomaly created during the Ice Age, Elkhart Hill becomes a stunning sea of bluebells every spring that visitors can tour on just two or three Saturdays in April

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